About Us

RPTS Express, Inc. was established in July, 1993 by our late founder, Dante A. Palange.  The company is now a second generation Family Owned business and is currently owned and operated by Dante’s Daughter, Dominique Kell and her husband, Christian Kell.

President Dominique Kell, has 23 years of first-hand experience dealing with all DOT regulations, fuel taxes, driver logs and every other aspect of written and verbal documentation required in maintaining fleet operations.

Vice President Chris Kell, has a great working knowledge of all our equipment capabilities with 14 years of service.

Jim Doran, Director of Operations, has over 21 years of transportation experience with 21 years in central operations, customer relations and terminal management.

Sales Manager, Vince Wykoff, has been serving the transportation industry with experience in operations as well as sales for the past 30 years.  He has a vast working knowledge of the industry and the people in it.

Larry Dickerhoff, Logistics has over 40 years experience in heavy haul and rigging industries.


  • Ohio Instrastate Authority, 48 State Authority and Ontario Authority
  • Full Padding and Tarping / All “Air-Ride” Tractors and Trailers / Professional and Courteous Drivers

RPTS Express, Inc. employs experienced drivers, each of whom has extensive background in heavy machinery hauling.

RPTS Express uses “Air Ride” Equipment which is capable of handling up to 180,000 lbs., depending on state restrictions, including:

  • 3 and 4 Axle Kenworth & Peterbilt Tractors
  • 48′ Sliding Side Kit Flat Bed Trailers
  • 48′ & 53′ Sliding Side Kit Step Deck Trailers
  • 48′ Aluminum Flat Bed Trailers
  • 48′ Spread Axle Step Deck Trailers
  • 48′ Tri-Axle Step Deck Trailers
  • 53′ Step Deck Trailer
  • 51′ 3 Axle TK90 Step Deck Trailer (with available 4th Axle)
  • 53′ Tri-Axle Double Drop (with available 4th Axle)
  • 48′ Tri-Axle RGN Double Drop Trailer with 29’4″ Well Length
  • 46′ in the Well Stretch Double Drop, 20″ Ride Height
  • Tandem Double Drop Trailer with 35′ Well Length
  • 12″ Double Drop with 29’6″ in Well
  • Trail King 9-Axle Trailer with a 26′ Deck
  • Trail King Super 13-Axle Trailer with a 41′ Deck
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